Being Alone; By Jaylyn Gatrell

My parents walk out the door. The slam echoes throughout the empty house, and I am along for the first time in my life.

I am calm and everything is quiet. The quiet quickly becomes deafening and ever noise sounds like the firing of a cannon.

The water dripping from the broken faucet, the rattling of the air conditioning, the creak of the floorboards, the rustling of the leaves against the windows. The cacophony causes terror to bubble up inside my chest, and I can’t breathe. The shadows turn in on themselves and become demonic monsters that taunt me.

Once alone, everything becomes sinister and ominous.

I silently vow to never take anyone’s company for granted as I curl up into a ball and await my parents return.

Being alone terrifies me, deep down in my bones, and to the core of my very soul.


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