Here Comes the Dragon; By: Khalil Mcraw

Here comes the dragon

All wings and flame

Just fryin the earth;

Ain’t stopping to aim.


Mr. White Knight

Done killed her son

And rode away grinning

After what he’d done.


The killin of her son

Was might sad,

And this Dragon Lady’s

Just a little bit mad.


Here comes Mom

In a holy rage,

She’s gonna burn you out

And make a whole new page!


She ain’t hidin

And she ain’t lurkin;

Her flames on High

And her Mojo’s workin.


There went London

And Paris and Rome,

Fried to a crisp

And she ain’t goin home.


And after she flamed

The County of Cork,

They say she headed

For ole New York.


Now I ain’t lyin

And I ain’t braggin

Because I peeked out the window

And here comes the Dragon!


No time to run,

It’s a little bit late

Cause she’s seen my helmet

And my white armor plate.




Just fire and flame

All over the place;

I gotta go now,

It’s the end of the chase!


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