What I Like and Don’t Like; By: Ciara Bowen

I like to write and photograph.

I like to listen, but not to talk.

I prefer nodding or smiling. I enjoy the company of friends and strangers alike when pushed together at journalism conventions. I like talking to teachers more than students. I like having mature conversations.

I like taking pictures of people

I don’t know and of abstract ideas.

I like walking through woods by myself, camera in hand.

I like hearing the pounding of hooves on dirt when I stand at the race track in the early morning.

I like seeing my articles published in newspapers, the words rippling like water under a gentle wind as the pages are moved.

I like knowing random facts, but not being too fancy or too tarnished.

I like editing articles, but not all the time.

Words and meanings being twisted-

I like that least of all.


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