Free Write, By: Jordon Thomlen

Let me share a secret that no ones supposed to know

I have a best friend named Anorexia and I can’t let her go.

She makes me feel beautiful inside and out, being skinny is what my life is all about.

At first it wasn’t as bad, I could eat a little of what I had.

But later on as we came closer, she began to move in, and take my body over.

My ribs stick out, you cam see every indention.

I enjoy it cause I get all the boys attention.

I smile on the outside like nothing is wrong, but if you look deep into my eyes, you know it won’t be long.

My body is weak, my skin is pale, Anorexia said she’s never leave me, but her premise was a fall.

My heart’s pumping, but it drops and drops and drops and drops.

Until that final beat came to an instant stop.


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