52 Awesome Things; By: Anonymous

  1. IPhones
  2. Facebook
  3. New car smell
  4. Last day of school
  5. Saturday
  6. New shoes
  7. Fast food
  8. Swimming
  9. Finding money
  10. Naps
  11. The sizzle of fresh coke
  12. Bright white teeth
  13. Long hair
  14. Fireworks
  15. Movies that make you laugh over and over again
  16. Holding hands
  17. Things that glow in the dark
  18. Being taller than you parents
  19. Farmers tans
  20. Long hair
  21. Winning and argument
  22. Cartoons
  23. Why everything goes right
  24. First day of sumer
  25. When a song is stuck in your head
  26. Brownies fresh out of the oven
  27. When you turn the radio on and your song comes on
  28. Funny faces
  29. Chocolate chip cookie dough
  30. Blank looks when people don’t get the joke
  31. Sweatpants
  32. Surprises
  33. Thunderstorms
  34. Smooth writing pens
  35. Sunlight breaking through the clouds
  36. Popcorn chicken with ranch
  37. Middle names
  38. McDonalds sweet tea
  39. Mrs. Rice’s class
  40. My family
  41. Late night basketball games
  42. New car smell
  43. Going to concerts
  44. Racing Walmart carts
  45. Fresh fruit
  46. Random morning text messages
  47. Daydreaming
  48. Laughing babies
  49. Someone that can make you smile uncontrollably
  50. Sneaking snacks into the movie theater
  51. The language you have with your beast friend that no one else understands
  52. Dentists who have TV’s in their ceilings

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