Dear Sylvan Hills; By: Ashley Tosch

Dear Sylvan Hills,

                I haven’t been here very long. For what’s felt like 4 years has only been 2. When I first moved here, I hated it. I missed my old life too much to really enjoy my new beginning here. I was alone, frightened by your size and lack of space. You were my prison.

                But as the leaves changed, so did my heart. You became less a prison, and more a place of joy. I’ve made friends here that I will never forget, and have made even more memories. I have been a part of plans, big and small, that have caused me to love the place I’m at, as well as the woman I now am.

                You have urged me to follow my dreams and to love myself as I am, which is perfectly imperfect. You’ve opened many doors for me which were, at one time, closed. You have been a major part in helping me find, and alter, myself into the person I am now.

                So, I thank you, Sylvan Hills, for taking away my chains, and bringing me home.



Ashley Tosch


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