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Battle Shakes; By: Adam Williams

Battle Shakes

By: Adam Williams

When a warrior trembles before a battle he’s ready to fight.

He is ready to die and have his soul take flight.

The lust, the longing, the thirst…

The thirst to have a decisive kill, the one who strikes first.


Mixed emotions and adrenaline awake inside making him tremble

When this occurs he knows he’s about to die, this is the symbol.

The thunderous attacks he brings are like earthquakes.

These attacks were brought upon by a warrior’s battle shakes.


Shadows of the Past; By: Adam Williams

One day a mother gives birth to her son. The year was 1756, and the mother and father were walking home with their new son. The father was a high ranking samurai who served under Lord Hubachi Hanasuma. They had a long day and all they wanted to do was go home, but their trip was cut short by the notorious assassins named Shadow Ryu. The blood-thirsty clan ambushed the travelling parents and killed the father and mother, leaving only the blood-soaked child. The harsh rain that barely nipped through the trees washed the baby from the warm, thick blood. The assassins took the baby and made him into a savage beast that will become the world’s best assassin.

1771. The boy is fifteen years old. The Shadow Ryu put him up to his first challenge… his first assassination. He had to kill the “Samurai of 100 Corpse” also know as Eiku Tachibana. While Eiku walked through the bamboo forest, the boy stalks him through the dense, shadowy forest. Just as the great “Samurai of 100 Corpse” stops to urinate, he feels an intense piercing and then stares at the bloody blade shoved through his chest. He drops. The boy rips the blade out of the mangled body… and smiles.

1783. The boy who is now a man at 27 years old. He starts to see what life should be and then wonders about his parents. So he asks his master. The master tells him that he doesn’t know because they found him stranded on the road side. The man accepts it and doesn’t bring it up again.

One day as the man was on an assassination mission, he was about to slaughter his 138th victim, which was a traitor of the Shadow Ryu. The traitor informs the man that the Shadow Ryu steals children and raised them to be killers, and almost every member is a stolen child. Hatred flourished from the man’s heart. He is now hell-bent on making the Shadow Ryu pay for stealing his life. The man’s name… is Kagahisa Shizuma.