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I am from; By: John Miller

I’m from Deer Camp

I’m from T.V.’s playing football, boots on the floor, dogs laying around, and old worn furniture.

I’m from old oak trees, tall deerstands, muddy fourwheelers, and bondfires at night.

I’m from the farmers on tractors, the deer outside in the yard, the river in my backyard, and the old neighbors who wave when you drive by.

I’m from spotlighting deer with my cousin Nathan, mudding in my Uncle Brad’s truck, and hunting ducks with my cousin Hayden.

I’m from, “Wake up! It’s time to hunt!”, “Nice shot!”, and “Time to watch some football!”

I’m from green-bean casserole, steak, mashed potatoes, and smores.

I’m from my favorite derrstand, my first rifle, my favorite fishing pole, and my living room where there are many great memories