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hopelessness; By :khalil mccraw

Life is pointless
No one loves you anymore
What you wished for never come true
You have nothing left give up


End of the road; By; khalil mccraw

This is the end for you
Everything has fallen
End of the line
Only one thing left to do
End it all right here

Heartbreak; By: khalil mccraw

It comes out of nowhere
Creeps up on you unexpectedly
It happens when they don’t love you no more
They leave you for somebody else
Heartbreak will find you always a perfect
Relationship will never exist while heart break is around

Trapped in my mind; by: khalil mccraw

I scream but no one hears me
I look around but there is nothing to see
I run but where do I go if there is no where to go
No matter how hard I try
I know I am trapped in my mind
and I will not get out

alexa; By: Khalil Mccraw

Alexa you are my world,
the light in the darkness,
your are the inspiration of my soul,
just know that I will always love you.

life; by: Alex Williams-Madison

Taken from thoughs who
deserve it, given to thoughs
who don’t even care