The Assassin; Artist: Bailey Rodgers


Friday Night Lights; By: Ciara Bowen

Friday night lights

Mean more to us than

Touchdowns and passes,

Cheers and pom-poms,

Hot dogs and nachos.

To us they’re a chance to shine,

To be the stars twinkling in the dark.





It all culminates on the field,

When we get just a few minutes to show the product of our labors.

Half-time is show-time beneath

Friday night lights.

Here We Are; By: Jordon Thomlen

Here we are

Standing in school again.

Unifying our steps

Hand in hand

We wait anxiously for summer to arrive.

For some were excited to come back

For some it’s our final goodbye.

Let’s tip our hats off

To a great year.

The memories we made

The test we endure,

And the friends we made forever more

We’ll scream and shout on our release for summer.

Throw our hats in the air as we are pronounced the class of 2012

We’ll cry in remembrance

And laugh in the joy

And send our best wishes to the upcoming dogs.

As we leave behind our advice

We just hope you make it

One heck of a ride!

A Haiku; By: Alex Williams-Madison

You can not own land

As you can not own a tree

It simply owns us

Legacy; By: Khalil McGraw

The weak are forgotten

Only the strong survive

But a legacy is infinite-

Leave your mark

Live forever

I am Khalil and I am an extraordinary dancer

Talent Gone; By: Khalil McGraw

Hold fast to your breaking


For it fades away

Your style will too

Then breaking in your life

Will be gone

And there won’t be any

Point of living


Breaking Hopes and Dreams; By: Khalil McGraw

Bring me all of your

Breaking hopes and


You future professional


Bring me all of you

Heart felt wishes of


That I may not protect them

In a non crippwalking


Away from harsh and

Unfair judges of the crowd

The One for Me; By: Anonymous

 She is a beautiful one

She is a quiet one, almost never talking, yet she tells me many things

She listens to me when I have things on my mind, never interrupting

She is invisible to others, yet an amazing jewel in my eyes

She is a puzzle to many, but a beautiful picture to I

She is known by all, yet hated by many

She helps me through many of my troubles

She is one of the greatest friends I have ever known

She is one of my best companions

She is my favorite love

She is Solitude and

She is the one for me

Love; By: Tabitha Hart

It knows no boundaries.

It knows no color.

It knows no gender.

Love should not be judged.

Love can’t be forced.

Love cannot be arranged.

Love is beautiful!

Don’t ruin it!

People Would Cry; By: Taylor Perkins

My family would cry. My friends would cry. I have people that would cry if I died, but why do I still feel alone? Why does it feel like I’m watching someone else live my life? I’m in a sea of people, trying to find their own way, we’re all a lost. I’m surrounded by people, but I’m still alone. I welcome the pain I’ve grown used to. Joy, happiness, those are all just memories from a life I barely remember. But, it’s there in the back of my mind. Trying to find a way. It’s like my mind is trying to me happy. Don’t give up, I say, because people would cry.