Differences; By: Courtney Edge

People are all unique,

Each of us antique.


Not a one of us is the same, unlike anyone else

But that’s not how we see ourselves.


Some are dark while others are light.

We walk in the same sun,

It shines equally bright.


Some are tall others are short.

We all have different features

That we sport.


Some are thick, some are thin.

With each person it depends.


On our bodies, including our hands

And feet,

Many different things you will see.


No head of hair is the same.

Curly, straight, brown or blond,

Too many to name.


Some have blue eyes, black, green, or brown.

Many differences can be found.


In our hearts we are the same

Each beating, living, breathing.

Never plain.


52 Awesome Things; By: Anonymous

  1. IPhones
  2. Facebook
  3. New car smell
  4. Last day of school
  5. Saturday
  6. New shoes
  7. Fast food
  8. Swimming
  9. Finding money
  10. Naps
  11. The sizzle of fresh coke
  12. Bright white teeth
  13. Long hair
  14. Fireworks
  15. Movies that make you laugh over and over again
  16. Holding hands
  17. Things that glow in the dark
  18. Being taller than you parents
  19. Farmers tans
  20. Long hair
  21. Winning and argument
  22. Cartoons
  23. Why everything goes right
  24. First day of sumer
  25. When a song is stuck in your head
  26. Brownies fresh out of the oven
  27. When you turn the radio on and your song comes on
  28. Funny faces
  29. Chocolate chip cookie dough
  30. Blank looks when people don’t get the joke
  31. Sweatpants
  32. Surprises
  33. Thunderstorms
  34. Smooth writing pens
  35. Sunlight breaking through the clouds
  36. Popcorn chicken with ranch
  37. Middle names
  38. McDonalds sweet tea
  39. Mrs. Rice’s class
  40. My family
  41. Late night basketball games
  42. New car smell
  43. Going to concerts
  44. Racing Walmart carts
  45. Fresh fruit
  46. Random morning text messages
  47. Daydreaming
  48. Laughing babies
  49. Someone that can make you smile uncontrollably
  50. Sneaking snacks into the movie theater
  51. The language you have with your beast friend that no one else understands
  52. Dentists who have TV’s in their ceilings

In My Shoes; By: Tabitha Hart

I’d like to see you walk in my shoes and have you feel the pain, hurt and disappointment I feel. The happiness I had is gone. I’ve tried so hard to find it but I can’t. I really don’t want to live like this anymore. I’m tired of fighting to be happy when all the fighting does is bring more pain. I feel like I’m hurting everyone with this fake happiness. I want to be happy but I can’t find it in me to truly be happy. I’ve tried with all I have. I feel like there’s no point in living anymore but I’m too much of a coward to end my life. I know that makes my loved ones happy but it doesn’t make me happy. I’ve had more horrible and sad times in my life than I have had good and happy times. I hate to tell all the people that love me this but even if I’m surrounded by them no matter what, I feel lonely. So I hid myself in my room so they don’t have to see the pain in my eyes. If I could show them how I felt, I think they would cry out in pain. If I only knew how to tell them and not hurt them at the same time. But lucky for them, I don’t know how and they don’t have to walk my shoes.

Battle Shakes; By: Adam Williams

Battle Shakes

By: Adam Williams

When a warrior trembles before a battle he’s ready to fight.

He is ready to die and have his soul take flight.

The lust, the longing, the thirst…

The thirst to have a decisive kill, the one who strikes first.


Mixed emotions and adrenaline awake inside making him tremble

When this occurs he knows he’s about to die, this is the symbol.

The thunderous attacks he brings are like earthquakes.

These attacks were brought upon by a warrior’s battle shakes.


This website will now be accepting drawn artwork to post to the website. The piece must be drawn on notebook or computer paper, or something sized similarly, so that it can fit into the scanner that the web team has access to. You may deliver the pieces you wish to submit to Ms. Rice in Room 210. Thank you for your support, and I can’t wait to see what our talented artists have to show.

On this Day; By Ashley Tosch

On this day,

The sun is almost too bright,

But yet I see you clearly.

My thoughts are with you

Through the night,

But my heart shall miss

You clearly.


On this day, when your eyes met mine,

 I couldn’t help but wonder…

How those eyes have been changed

With time,

And how my eyes were being

Cast under.


On this day,

Your hand in mine,

Nothing could be sweeter.

Until we meet again, in time,

Where our love is so much


Free Write, By: Jordon Thomlen

Let me share a secret that no ones supposed to know

I have a best friend named Anorexia and I can’t let her go.

She makes me feel beautiful inside and out, being skinny is what my life is all about.

At first it wasn’t as bad, I could eat a little of what I had.

But later on as we came closer, she began to move in, and take my body over.

My ribs stick out, you cam see every indention.

I enjoy it cause I get all the boys attention.

I smile on the outside like nothing is wrong, but if you look deep into my eyes, you know it won’t be long.

My body is weak, my skin is pale, Anorexia said she’s never leave me, but her premise was a fall.

My heart’s pumping, but it drops and drops and drops and drops.

Until that final beat came to an instant stop.

What I Like and Don’t Like; By: Ciara Bowen

I like to write and photograph.

I like to listen, but not to talk.

I prefer nodding or smiling. I enjoy the company of friends and strangers alike when pushed together at journalism conventions. I like talking to teachers more than students. I like having mature conversations.

I like taking pictures of people

I don’t know and of abstract ideas.

I like walking through woods by myself, camera in hand.

I like hearing the pounding of hooves on dirt when I stand at the race track in the early morning.

I like seeing my articles published in newspapers, the words rippling like water under a gentle wind as the pages are moved.

I like knowing random facts, but not being too fancy or too tarnished.

I like editing articles, but not all the time.

Words and meanings being twisted-

I like that least of all.

Shadows of the Past; By: Adam Williams

One day a mother gives birth to her son. The year was 1756, and the mother and father were walking home with their new son. The father was a high ranking samurai who served under Lord Hubachi Hanasuma. They had a long day and all they wanted to do was go home, but their trip was cut short by the notorious assassins named Shadow Ryu. The blood-thirsty clan ambushed the travelling parents and killed the father and mother, leaving only the blood-soaked child. The harsh rain that barely nipped through the trees washed the baby from the warm, thick blood. The assassins took the baby and made him into a savage beast that will become the world’s best assassin.

1771. The boy is fifteen years old. The Shadow Ryu put him up to his first challenge… his first assassination. He had to kill the “Samurai of 100 Corpse” also know as Eiku Tachibana. While Eiku walked through the bamboo forest, the boy stalks him through the dense, shadowy forest. Just as the great “Samurai of 100 Corpse” stops to urinate, he feels an intense piercing and then stares at the bloody blade shoved through his chest. He drops. The boy rips the blade out of the mangled body… and smiles.

1783. The boy who is now a man at 27 years old. He starts to see what life should be and then wonders about his parents. So he asks his master. The master tells him that he doesn’t know because they found him stranded on the road side. The man accepts it and doesn’t bring it up again.

One day as the man was on an assassination mission, he was about to slaughter his 138th victim, which was a traitor of the Shadow Ryu. The traitor informs the man that the Shadow Ryu steals children and raised them to be killers, and almost every member is a stolen child. Hatred flourished from the man’s heart. He is now hell-bent on making the Shadow Ryu pay for stealing his life. The man’s name… is Kagahisa Shizuma.

Public versus Private; By: Anonymous

I woke up to a text saying “I miss you”. Unfortunately, it was from the wrong person. This was not the person I missed too, this was just a random guy who thought he knew me, but he didn’t. I stared at the text for a long time, wishing I could change the number it was sent from and wondering what I was supposed to say back. I went and ate breakfast, buying myself time by making him think I wasn’t awake yet. I opened the text ten more times, typed something out, then deleted it. I didn’t want to lie and get his hopes up. I didn’t want to hurt him like I’d been hurt, but I didn’t want to be mean either. I looked at the text again. “I’m sorry” I thought as I typed out my reply. “I miss you to” and send. He texted back “Can’t wait to see you, what are you doing gorgeous?” I felt sick. Little did he know, my simple “I miss you too” meant so much to him and so little to me. To me, it meant “I should just let you go”, “I’m not being fair to you”, “You don’t deserve this”, “You’ll never be him”. I sat there staring at his last text and sighed. After thinking of several things I could say, I decided to with “yea. nothing.” and send. Knowing I’d crush him, I set my phone down and went outside. When I came back, I had to build up the courage just to check my phone. He had texted back, “I think I love you”. I threw the phone against the wall. Why couldn’t I just say what needed to be said.